Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Welcome to Mice for Mama

My reproduction on the left, my grandmother's original on the right
I've always known my maternal grandmother with either a crochet needle, embroidery needle or knitting needles in her hands. She made doilies, bed spreads, works of art and mice. A few years ago, prompted by my sister and helped by a friend, I found a pattern and started making the mice myself.

The first year (2017) of me making them, I raised money for a Dutch charity (Stomach, Liver and Bowel Foundation) because of my mother, grandfather and several friends. The second year we picked another charity: Guide Dogs for the Blind in Norway.

I have now branched out a tiny bit as well, with items that are not mouse related, although the mice will still be the main focus.

Just have a little look through this site to see if you can see something you like.