Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Welcome to Mice for Mama

I'm up and running again, although not quite there yet. If and when a mouse is ready it will appear. Only small and special mice will be made, large ONLY to order. 

My reproduction on the left, my grandmother's original on the right
I've always known my maternal grandmother with either a crochet needle, embroidery needle or knitting needles in her hands. She made doilies, bed spreads, works of art and mice. A few years ago, prompted by my sister and helped by a friend, I found a pattern and started making the mice myself.

The first year (2017) of me making them, I raised money for a Dutch charity (Stomach, Liver and Bowel Foundation) because of my mother, grandfather and several friends. The second year we picked another charity: Guide Dogs for the Blind in Norway.

I knit the mice, see what the cost to me is (yarn and filling) and then double that amount. I will get half back for the materials and the other half goes to the charity.

Go to the pages for small mice, large mice and special mice to find more information on how to get a lovely micy companion of your own!